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Welcome to RAF Air UK

Here at RAF Air UK we have now moved over to flying within a DCS World environment. DCS provides the highest graphical quality and most real flying experiece short of actually taking to the real world skies yourself. Pilots of all abilities are welcome to join us, but should you feel training is required to boost your confidence, we are able to help you.

Sorties are available for offline flying, but essentially we are geared towards online flying so that groups of pilots are able to carry out more complex sorties which will mirror the way things are done in the 'Real World'. Obviously within the bounds of a simulated environment.

Booked Flight Plans

Flight Number
Pilot Name
Tail No.
RAF9002M XRMF XRMF Richard Rodgers A10C ZZ702
RAF9511B UGSB UGSB Dave McQueen A10C XX101
RAF9002B UGSB UGSB Crest Lwin A10C ZZ702

74 Squadron 97 Squadron

Flight Schedules

Posted by Richard Rodgers(QFI) on 02/10/2014

Following the influx of new members I have now completed the Flight Schedules for each pilot.

Please ensure that you book the correct one. Any flight that is related to you personally will have your RAF Air ID number as part of the Flight Code.

For example : RAF9005K is Neil's Kobuleti Flight Schedule.

RAFAir UK Calendar

Posted by Clyde Whiting(QFI) on 10/07/2014

At the top of the main page you will now see a tab for our new calendar, this will give you information on who is available on what night, what we are doing on squadron nights and allow you to enter your availability.

When you hover over the calendar tab you will get two choices :-

View Calendar - This will show who is available on each night (green), who is unavailable (red) and what is happening on squadron nights (blue).

Add Availability - This leads you to instructions on how to ADD your availability and a link to the calendar.

It is in your interest to fill in your availability.

Your OWN ID number

Posted by Richard Rodgers(QFI) on 02/07/2014

Please be aware that due to some confusion last night over which number to use as Callsign, I have CHANGED everyone's OWN ID numbers so that they are the same as your RAF Air UK member number.

Please check the DATALINK thread in the forum. It is your responsability to be aware of this and make any necessary changes when flying.

Forum Signatures

Posted by Clyde Whiting(QFI) on 21/06/2014

We are pleased to announce that everything is in place for you to create your standard RAFAir UK Forum Signature.

Please use the guide at the link below to create yours as soon as possible.

Availability & News

Posted by Clyde Whiting(QFI) on 12/06/2014

All Pilots


For those of you not familiar with mission planning, this can be a real bugger if you don't know who is flying as you have to set each aircraft up individually with flight plans, fuel load, weapons and aircraft skins etc and is very time consuming.

In an ideal world we would all know exactly what we are doing and when, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

We have a calendar for you to supply your availability for the coming week. Simply add your availability to the calendar following the guide posted there.

This will hopefully reduce the the occurrence of a pilot showing up out of the blue and not having an aircraft to fly.

Thank You


Here are some things coming to RAFAir soon to help us get bigger and better :-

Qualified Flying Instructors - when a new pilot signs up they will be put through the rigours of basic flight with a QFI from a dedicated flight school base.

Qualified Weapons Instructors - once a pilot has finished Basic Flight Training they will move to an Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at another base to be taught the fundamentals of releasing weapons.

We already have four candidates for the above positions but if you feel you have the knowledge and patience to teach others, please drop me a pm.

Red Air - as we get more people on board, a red air rotor will be drawn up so that each pilot gets a one month rotating stint acting as the bad guys. Whoever is mission planning can call on red air to provide realism in any training/exercise/operation flight as needed.

Campaign & Service Medals - Along with an overhaul and standardisation of forum signatures, we will be adding ribbons for flight hours, service and operations.

Operation Tacit Rainbow - coming in October, our first full on, multi week operation which will test you against the full range of DCS nasties and let you take part in a six week, multi flight evolving storyline.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make your experience better, add realism etc, please either reply to this post or drop me a pm.