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Welcome to RAF Air UK

Our vision is to become an effective leading virtual military aviation organisation that embraces all levels of experience and scenarios.

Our mission is to create an open and friendly cohesive community that welcomes new pilots and veterans alike within an inclusive ground & air environment which achieves excellence.

Our Goals are:

  1. To provide and maintain a high quality, self-financing multiplayer virtual military aviation environment that encompasses all levels of experience
  2. To provide and maintain a web presence supporting all aspects of RAF Air UK
  3. To provide learning and development for virtual pilots at all levels
  4. To provide a flexible military unit and rank hierarchy similar to the RAF
  5. To encourage camaraderie, esprit de corps and mutual support

Welcome aboard!

Welcome to RAF Air.   


We are currently carrying out a root and branch re-organisation of RAF Air.   As a result, we will be providing a much more structured approach to training.   This is still however, very much a work in progress, so we ask new pilots for their patience while we get all our ducks in a row.   I think you'll be pleased with the outcome.

Here are the steps to take to get started.   Thanks to Peter Stacko for this excellent guide.

I. Register yourself on the website. 

  • Registering yourself on the website provides you with access to many functions, such as logging your flights, monitoring progress of your training etc.

II. Register yourself on the forum.

  • Registering yourself on the forum will allow you to introduce yourself to the community and give you access to all the knowledge within the RAFAIR.

III. Setup your forum signature.

  • Within the RAFAIR, you will advance in ranks and earn awards as you progress in your career and prove your prowess on the battlefield. It is essential to learn how to set up your forum signature to reflect this. This is done in the profile section of the user control panel. The images and links required to construct your very own forum signature can be found here.

IV. Download and install Teamspeak.

  • It is virtually impossible to carry out any highly coordinated and real-life resembling operation without a tool to facilitate communication among the pilots. In the RAFAIR, we use Teamspeak for this purpose. Bookmarking the RAFAIR UK Teamspeak server will allow you to access the server easily. This can be done via the main menu – Bookmarks/Add to Bookmarks.

V. Change your in-game and teamspeak nickname.

  • For easier identification (i.e. air traffic controllers) and displaying allegiance to RAFAIR UK, we use a standardized version of both in-game and Teamspeak nicknames including RAFAIR tag and pilot number e.g. 38 Peter [RAFAIR UK]
    In Teamspeak, go to Settings/Identities to change the name. In DCS World Multiplayer, go to Options.

VI. Install Simple Radio Standalone (SRS)

  • In order to have the most immersive and realistic experience possible, Simple Radio Standalone (SRS) is used to allow communication of people who have the cockpit radio set to the same frequency. Make sure you follow the installation instructions that can be found in the Flight Communications Support section of the Forum.

VII. Download and install the RAFAIR UK aircraft liveries.

  • Each squadron within the RAFAIR proudly uses their own specific insignia and aircraft painting. Download the liveries to be able to use them in DCS World. 
    JSGME version is also available to circumvent manual installation. JSGME allows for easy mod management despite DCS updates.

VIII.   Download the charts of the home airports of RAFAIR UK.


  • In order to correctly interpret the orders received from a ground, tower and approach operator, you need access to airport charts with parking slot, taxiway and runway designations, as well as TACAN and ILS information.

    Familiarize yourself well with your new home, the squadron's homebase.

IX. Download and familiarize yourself with Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).

  • Flying in an organized group with many people is very different from what you have probably experienced within DCS so far. Careful organization, hierarchy and standard procedures are required to prevent the mission from turning into a mess and hearing the flight lead saying “Guns, guns, guns…” as he strafes in frustration over his still parked flight members. You are expected to familiarize with Standard Operating Procedures which can be found on the forum and slowly start applying them in practice.

X. Learn how to setup DATALINK for Squadron flights.

  • DATALINK is a useful tool for passing information to other pilots as well as general awareness of their position. It is necessary to be able to set it up properly to avoid confusion during a flight.

XI. Familiarize yourself with the concept of booking a flight and filing a PIREP after a flight.

  • In the RAFAIR, all members log the flights to keep track of their flight hours. The process is started with booking a flight in the main menu – Flights/Find a flight. Either find a flight with your name, or a spare one and press “Add to Bid”. Afterwards, you can file a PIREPdocumenting the flights hours, fuel, short description etc. For more information, refer to the documents describing booking a flight andfiling a PIREP in more detail.

XII. Initiate your basic weapon training.

  • Every pilot of an active Squadron must be able to carry out basic weapon deployment in order to be combat mission ready. It is essential to carry out the following training missions in a reasonable timeframe and submit the tracks. The leader of the squadron assesses the members’ capability by reviewing tracks the members submit and registers their progress.   Just contact any of the QFIs by posting in the Training Flights thread, and we'll arrange things for you.


XIII. Recommended reading.

XIV. (Optional) Tacview.

  • It is often very difficult to realize what exactly is happening on the battlefield in the heat of a battle and what mistakes you have made as a consequence of poor situational awareness, decisions etc. While not mandatory, Tacview is a great tool to analyze your performance after the mission. Tacview records actions of all units on the battlefield and allows you to re-evaluate your decisions, thus greatly improving the learning process.

Your OWN ID number

Please be aware that due to some confusion last night over which number to use as Callsign, I have CHANGED everyone's OWN ID numbers so that they are the same as your RAF Air UK member number.

Please check the DATALINK thread in the forum. It is your responsability to be aware of this and make any necessary changes when flying.

Forum Signatures

We are pleased to announce that everything is in place for you to create your standard RAFAir UK Forum Signature.

Please use the guide at the link below to create yours as soon as possible.

Availability & News

All Pilots


For those of you not familiar with mission planning, this can be a real bugger if you don't know who is flying as you have to set each aircraft up individually with flight plans, fuel load, weapons and aircraft skins etc and is very time consuming.

In an ideal world we would all know exactly what we are doing and when, but unfortunately this is not always the case.

We have a calendar for you to supply your availability for the coming week.  Simply add your availability to the calendar following the guide posted there.

This will hopefully reduce the the occurrence of a pilot showing up out of the blue and not having an aircraft to fly.

Thank You


Here are some things coming to RAFAir soon to help us get bigger and better :-

Qualified Flying Instructors - when a new pilot signs up they will be put through the rigours of basic flight with a QFI from a dedicated flight school base.

Qualified Weapons Instructors - once a pilot has finished Basic Flight Training they will move to an Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at another base to be taught the fundamentals of releasing weapons.

We already have four candidates for the above positions but if you feel you have the knowledge and patience to teach others, please drop me a pm.

Red Air - as we get more people on board, a red air rotor will be drawn up so that each pilot gets a one month rotating stint acting as the bad guys. Whoever is mission planning can call on red air to provide realism in any training/exercise/operation flight as needed.

Campaign & Service Medals - Along with an overhaul and standardisation of forum signatures, we will be adding ribbons for flight hours, service and operations.

Operation Tacit Rainbow - coming in October, our first full on, multi week operation which will test you against the full range of DCS nasties and let you take part in a six week, multi flight evolving storyline.

If you have any suggestions on how we can make your experience better, add realism etc, please either reply to this post or drop me a pm.

Log Ins

Just a quick reminder to all pilots.

To log in to the main site you need your RAF number and password.

To log into the forum you need your name and forum password.

if you try to log into the main site with your forum details or vice versa, you will not be found.